LabelVie Group reaffirms its commitment and support for local employment and social inclusion of populations in precarious situations with the Moulat L’kheir project.

In 2018, this social enterprise, was the result of a participatory initiative between McCain, LabelVie Group, Agropros and Yozifood, and this with the support of the Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad YUNUS This initiative aimed to create a prosperous economic activity with a strong social and sustainable impact for populations in precarious situations.

Moulat L’kheir is a solidarity enterprise that provides decent employment and training to destitute and landless agricultural workers and women in order to improve their living conditions. The company works closely with McCain and Agropros engineers and technicians to ensure that production meets current norms and standards and to supervise the daily monitoring of the plots and storage conditions.

After two years of operation, nearly 510 tons of Moulat L’Kheir potatoes were sold in LabelVie Group’s stores, generating 860,000 dirhams in revenue, all of which was invested in improving the living conditions of farm workers and women in the region.

Moulat L’Kheir has thus created five direct permanent jobs for farm workers and guaranteed them a stable income while benefiting from social coverage and labor rights. And indirectly, nearly twenty people and their families have been positively impacted over the past two years.

The social enterprise has also invested in agricultural equipment (mask with cartridge, safety boots and special suits….) in order to guarantee the protection of workers against the risks linked to the use of phytosanitary products, among others.

As of September 2020, and as a continuation of its program for the reintegration of vulnerable populations, Moulat L’Kheir plans to recruit and support a dozen women from the rural area of Berrechid to start up its fresh French fries production line. The profits from this new initiative will then be used to finance the schooling of young girls in the countryside and to further improve the living conditions of their families.

From now on, by buying a bag of Moulat L’kheir potatoes, you are supporting a solidarity project and participating in the social integration of people in precarious situations.