CSR Indicators

ESG Presentation May 2021

Supporting human capital

LabelVie Group’s human capital is the main lever for achieving its ambitions. It is centered on local responsibility in order to offer clients permanent access to committed men and women who are at their service and proud to work for their company.


2309 employees were recruited

Internal recruitment

743 people

Executive Integrations

74 new executive recruits

Group culture
  • Organization of an annual breakfast for the 3 seats;
  • Distribution of gifts to 3,000 women for International Women’s Rights Day;
  • Organization of the “School Excellence Prize” for all employees’ children who obtained “Very good” and “Good” grades in the Baccalaureate.
Social and health
  • Organization of a day for 80 pregnant women from the Group;
  • Organization of a day for 130 future fathers of the Group;
Group Training
  • 1845 actions carried out
  • 8780 participations
  • 4383 beneficiaries
Specific Label’Ecole training
  • 1384 beneficiaries, 50 training cycles and approximately 195 internal trainers;
  • 3486 employees benefited from studied and adapted training programs;
  • 160 students trained thanks to partnerships with schools and universities for the implementation of professionalization and work-study programs
Breakdown by gender of the total workforce
Breakdown by BU gender
Gender breakdown of COMEX members
Gender breakdown of frames
Gender breakdown of executives support functions
Gender breakdown of workforce support functions
Gender breakdown of career development