Our partnerships

Growing human capital

As part of its annual expansion ambitions, LabelVie Group, ranked among the top private employers in Morocco, is moving towards partnerships with universities and institutes to facilitate the integration of young graduates into the job market.
The group accompanies and values its trainees at each stage of their training to enable them to succeed in their integration in the stores or in the support functions.

Table of institutes


University incubator from the Royal Institute for Specialized Livestock Technicians Butchery department Tangier Ibn Battouta store


Certificate operator of meat alternating with the IRTSE of Kenitra – 2020-2022 promotion 14 university nurseries integrated in October 2020


Professional License in Project Management and Human Resources in alternation with the FSJES of Tangier – class of 2020-2021: 14 university incubators integrated in January 2020


Bachelor’s degree in Agro-food Sciences and Business Techniques with the FST of Al Hoceima – class of 2020-2021: 18 university incubators integrated in January 2020