Societal development

LabelVie Group’s CSR approach is also embodied in its contribution to societal actions.

Through partnerships with universities which allow the establishment of work-study professional programs, the LabelVie Group recruits future graduates with the setting of quotas in favor of women. This partnership is also materialized by skills sponsorship and in-kind sponsorship.

As a socially responsible company that contributes positively to the development of the ecosystem in which it operates, LabelVie Group favors Moroccan agricultural production from all regions of the Kingdom as a priority.

When setting up a store in a new locality, LabelVie Group promotes the recruitment of young people from the region with a view to their integration into the Moroccan economic fabric. These direct and indirect job creations energize the region, encourage the vitality of local commerce and allow LabelVie Group to anchor itself in the region.

A CSR approach requires a pleasant environment for all, with respect for the environment and basic aspects of good citizenship. In this context, our Group has implemented numerous development projects such as the installation of green walls in certain stores, the existence of playgrounds as well as the reorganization of technical spaces to ensure better comfort of our clients.

The Group is part of a social vision of what a responsible company should be, preserving existing economic players and encouraging the vitality of local commerce while benefiting from an efficient and modern service.

Several initiatives have been undertaken to date affecting the agricultural sector, the environment, sport, culture and music.