Customer Orientations

For more than 30 years, the LabelVie Group has been working every day to offer its customers greater purchasing power, to improve the quality of the products and services offered and to be the benchmark for customer service. These ambitions are reflected at every level of the customer experience, from the reception area, during and after the visit.

LabelVie Group puts the customer at the center of its concerns by allowing it to have access to clear and readable information. The commercial offers are adapted to the type and needs of the clientele, in the three distribution formats (hyper cash, hypermarket and supermarket).

With regard to the price policy, the assortments are regularly enriched to meet customer expectations with quality products at an attractive price. LabelVie Group offers more than 5,000 own-brand products at very competitive prices and impeccable quality.

Added to this, the GPB (low price guarantee) commitment allows customers to benefit from the lowest prices on a continuous basis on 600 products from major brands and this commitment is backed by the promise of a refund of twice the difference in case of price discrepancy noted.

LabelVie Group supports its customers in “eating well” by offering a wide variety of fresh seasonal products for a healthy and balanced diet. The origin and traceability are constantly checked, in strict compliance with health standards and international standards.

The quality team regularly calls on independent firms to audit our points of sale in order to verify their compliance with hygiene standards, whether regulatory or procedural.

Customer satisfaction is inseparable from loyalty. LabelVie Group strives to understand the opinions of its customers by processing their complaints, and for this several channels (call center, social networks, in-store reception) are available to them. Complaints are processed within a maximum of 48 hours.

LabelVie Group defends the protection of personal data. Authorization processes have been formalized for the management and security of access to the various information systems. Data identified as ‘sensitive’ is only accessible to persons authorized to process it.