Label’Vie Group, through its Carrefour Market brand, launches a free home delivery service in the major cities of Morocco

With increasingly efficient technological means, distance purchasing is in full development. This mutation is even more palpable since a few months concerning the home delivery.
In partnership with Jumia, our Group LabelVie was the first player in the retail sector to start its own home delivery project at the end of 2019 in order to offer its customers a fast and efficient digital shopping experience.

However, in order to face the unprecedented situation triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, to help respect the containment measures and to respond to our customers’ demand, our group has asked for Jumia Food’s application to go live as soon as possible. The first tests carried out at the beginning of the week were satisfactory and allowed us to officially launch the service in several cities in the kingdom.

“We are responding to a strong demand from our customers, who want to take advantage of our offers while making their lives easier, in line with our concept of a multi-format business. We are convinced that this new and particularly innovative home delivery service will allow our customers to do their shopping in the best possible conditions and will help relieve the crowds in our stores. “Nawal BENAMAR, Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Purchasing and Logistics.

Through the Jumia Food application and website, we wanted the customer experience to be simple, fast and free. Indeed, thanks to the developed solution, our customers will be able to access their Carrefour store from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, make their purchases online among an assortment of more than 2000 items (dry and fresh products of first necessity) at store prices, and without additional charges.

The delivery will be made initially in five cities of the Kingdom (Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir and Fez) and will be extended gradually to the cities of Mohammedia, Tangier, Tetouan, Meknes and El Jadida.

It should be noted that all Jumia Food staff is subject to strict sanitary rules: temperature control of delivery personnel, disinfection of all contact points and delivery bags several times a day.

In addition, the preparation of the order will be carried out by our employees under the hygiene and safety conditions implemented by our group in all our stores since the beginning of the pandemic. As for the collection of the order by the deliveryman, it will be done without contact.

Our customer will have the choice to proceed either to the online payment or to the delivery by depositing the exact amount of the order in the bag with which the Jumia Food deliverymen are equipped.

With this service, we wish to be part of a social and solidarity-based approach.
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