After the launch of its home delivery service, LabelVie Group is continuing to digitalize its model to improve its customer experience and is launching a preview of contactless payment with the CMI, an exclusive feature and a first in Morocco.

LabelVie Group’s alliance with the CMI is part of the group’s commitment to innovation, with the introduction of a new payment method for Moroccan consumers in order to popularize its use, particularly in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of the group’s points of sale have been equipped with new, state-of-the-art payment terminals that accept interoperable mobile payments. Customers will be able to pay for their purchases using their cell phones.

This service is intended for all m-wallet users, which will allow them to electronically display a QR code identifying the merchant and the transaction. The owner of the smartphone on which the m-wallet application is installed will just have to scan this code to make the payment. The terminals also accept mobile m-wallet payments in contactless NFC for Ibriz by CMI, a first in Morocco.

“The m-wallet holders of all the payment institutions and banks now have an infrastructure that allows for the creation of a real mobile payment ecosystem, a necessary building block for greater digitalization of daily payment acts and greater financial inclusion. This device also makes it possible to offer a fluid payment experience that respects barrier gestures,” emphasizes Mikael NACIRI, General Manager of the CMI.

“ LabelVie Group has been committed from day one to the fight against this pandemic and has put in place all the necessary measures to protect its customers, everywhere in Morocco. The dematerialization of payment will also avoid any additional risk of contamination during this period. Beyond this health aspect, this alliance also aims to promote electronic payment to Moroccan consumers in order to continue to improve our customer service”, concludes Chrystèle RONCERAY, Deputy Managing Director of LabelVie Group.