The LabelVie Group, which owns the Carrefour and Atacadao brands, has vowed to support the affetcted population and contribute to the national solidarity effort as soon as the earthquake rocked the Al Haouz region.

The LabelVie Group’s main initiatives are as follows:

1. Participation in the earthquake relief fund
In accordance with the royal directives, the LabelVie Group has made a financial contribution of 25 million MAD to the Al Haouz earthquake relief fund.

2. A donation of 500 tonnes of food and non-food products
The LabelVie Group has responded to the emergency call from day one and is dedicated to maintaining its national solidarity effort. As a result, the Group donated 500 tonnes of food and non-food products worth 5 million MAD.

The LabelVie Group demonstrates its civic engagement by launching these major initiatives to assist families devastated by the Al Haouz earthquake and help them recover and rebuild their future.