The Label’Vie Group announces the reopening of the Carrefour Targa hypermarket, which, after a few weeks of work, is getting a facelift by multiplying its sales space and equipping itself with new innovative spaces and services for all its customers.
In October 2014, the Label’Vie Group inaugurated its 8th Carrefour hypermarket in Morocco and the brand’s second implementation in Marrakech, after that of the Al Mazar shopping center. This 3,800sqm store, located in the Sela shopping center in Targa, required an investment of more than 100 million dirhams and created 365 jobs, including 165 direct jobs and 200 direct jobs. In November 2019, after 5 years of exercise, the Label’Vie Group started works of modernization and redevelopment of the hypermarket to adapt to the new consumption patterns of its customers and improve their shopping comfort by offering more services.

On December 16, 2019, the Carrefour Targa hypermarket reopened with an additional sales area of 2,000m2 and a brand new store layout. Located in the heart of the neighborhood, the hypermarket aims to once again become a central location for its residents. Both a local store and a large hypermarket with a surface area of 5,800 sqm, it meets the expectations of all its customers. This extension has also enabled the creation of xxx new jobs in the region, to improve in-store service and the shopping experience.

All the spaces have been redesigned to combine clarity of the offer and shopping comfort. The aisles are more airy and wider. The hypermarket has been completely redesigned to facilitate the customer’s journey and make shopping more pleasant.

The Targa store now focuses on fresh produce, with a large surface area dedicated to fruit, vegetables, butchery, cheese and fresh produce with a rich assortment and quality products. The market spirit dominates, with low stalls, regular animations and product tastings.

The Group has also called on real craftsmen, experts in the restaurant business, for its restaurant areas. The bakery and pastry shop area offers fresh bread and pastries, prepared and baked on site and available at any time of the day, and the catering area offers freshly prepared, ready-to-eat dishes. A sushi bar has also been set up within the store to allow customers to eat in or take away.

For more convenience, a free parking lot with 380 spaces has been set up in front of the mall.

Address : Centre Commercial Sela, Route de Targa, Marrakech