Philosophy and Values


People are the only inexhaustible resource for creativity and innovation.

We are a Group that believes in challenge, creation of value and social commitment.

We offer a chance to all those who have the will and ambition to accomplish themselves.




Since our beginning, we promised Moroccans to improve their purchasing power and to always offer them quality and innovative products and services, at the best possible price. We are constantly listening to them to understand their needs and expectations because their satisfaction is our priority.



The inspiring and daring story of the group’s founders resonates in the minds of all employees and reminds us that in the face of determination, nothing is impossible. Boldness is part of our DNA and we encourage initiative and action. We are convinced that we owe our success to our common vision, our expertise and our creativity.



Our corporate culture is based on a transversal ethic:
To our employees, we ensure favorable working conditions and involve them in all decision-making processes in a responsible manner.
To our customers, we guarantee the respect of their sanitary safety by strictly applying all the standards and regulations in force.
Towards our partners and suppliers, we are committed to maintaining long-lasting and durable relationships.



To make our employees feel proud to belong to the group, we cultivate sharing, sincerity and trust. We aim for excellence and performance and to achieve this, we are committed to allowing each of our employees to develop their potential, to exceed their limits and to grow alongside the company.



Within our group, we have always applied meritocracy. Transparency and impartiality are inherent in all our decision-making processes and only competencies and qualifications are taken into consideration. We respect the rights of individuals and ensure that all our employees are treated fairly and with respect to diversity, parity and gender.